Coral Hull: Prose: Vegan, Vegas




>>>> 1. to the lost artists, the poets with bad teeth
>>>> 2. i couldn't find my feelings, i looked everywhere for them
>>>> 3. i had a choice to make, between my grandmother & a cockroach
>>>> 4. i have no loyalty, having been through too much
>>>> 5. i do not want the taste of another woman's cunt inside my mouth, so i make sure he brings a toothbrush
>>>> 6. ride the waves of your success girlfriend, i'll love you for it
>>>> 7. the wind that made the city restless, that cannot be described
>>>> 8. the crying & laughter inside, it is very loud
>>>> 9. to the landlords of collingwood, & to the poets who pay the rent
>>>> 10. on red alert, with the eyes of a doll
>>>> 11. you may think that this is a rational vivisector, talking to an irrational animal rights activist
>>>> 12. i moved through the tunnel of love, with spikes coming in through the sides
>>>> 13. for the doctor who assaulted me, during an internal examination
>>>> 14. i tried to take a photo of the desert in the wind, after i had jumped off the plane
>>>> 15. the cold & moderate rain, that stops routine
>>>> 16. my mind is like a snow storm, the feeling is of sprinkling
>>>> 17. a surrealistic piece, elephant included
>>>> 18. during your time of being hurt, are you feeling anything?
>>>> 19. for the sheep, that were brought to the melbourne highrises
>>>> 20. the long distance telephone lights, that flashed from a suburb away
>>>> 21. i will not put a cock into my mouth, well maybe tomorrow
>>>> 22. depressed, like land where the forest has been lifted
>>>> 23. lettuce doesn't prefer classical music over heavy metal, a vegan is not from the planet vega & a tomato is not an animal
>>>> 24. the townhouses called palm court, with one palm tree amongst concrete
>>>> 25. my grandmother putting the slipper in, a surrealistic piece
>>>> 26. horses used in bullfights are stabbed many times, by the horns of a terrified bull in agony
>>>> 27. my face went squiggy in his hands, i dribbled a bit
>>>> 28. the dark man, with the intention to rape, may have been a friend
>>>> 29. now is my grief of wading in sewerage fully realised, i think if only i had known
>>>> 30. after the flood, the fear of you & the dread of you
>>>> 31. haunted houses, there are a variety of them existing in me
>>>> 32. poets have bad teeth, have you ever noticed?
>>>> 33. like an ant that ran around disconnected, with one antenna crushed
>>>> 34. essay on shyness, the deer-hearted lover
>>>> 35. M.I.B.s do not take tea, coffee or biscuits when offered, & depart into nowhere
>>>> 36. in any race or swimming event, i would always come last
>>>> 37. rain in blackheath, the blue mountains, new south wales
>>>> 38. there is no romance in the nervous breakdown, no creativity
>>>> 39. sleep comes, when the moon is rising on the borders of my consciousness
>>>> 40. we do not hear a cow that struggles along a ramp, the goats that scream like humans
>>>> 41. cake, hollywood movie & carpet analogies that apply to our relationship
>>>> 42. a woman has been brutally murdered, & will never perform fellatio again
>>>> 43. the way i stare back into the camera, my presence is disturbing to her
>>>> 44. bringing the shell to the desert, with sydney harbour blowing in it
>>>> 45. there is a physical bridge to cross into suicide, between thinking it & actually doing it
>>>> 46. the creation of the artist is never intentional, it is deadly inspired from somewhere
>>>> 47. of slapping myself on the cheeks, of getting a grip on my life
>>>> 48. like that brave woman in britain, that went down under a veal truck
>>>> 49. before you p.t.s. your dreams, please contact me
>>>> 50. i said could they just rough him up a bit, knowing full well that they don't do things by halves
>>>> 51. a homesick australian, in new zealand, gains a new perspective on colour & light
>>>> 52. they said i was a silly girl who needed stitches, & sent me home to cut some more
>>>> 53. the tall poppy is out, the low lying desert shrub is in
>>>> 54. it's like going into hibernation, like all the long winter of our twenties
>>>> 55. parkville piggery raid, be filled with the love of pigs
>>>> 56. press my keys, it won't be long before you discover something of my ways
>>>> 57. the best thing for a greenie that eats meat is to shoot themself in the head
>>>> 58. a small parting of clouds is a colossal event, the sun is so bright
>>>> 59. for the timid artists who are retreating, how the world will impinge upon your timidity
>>>> 60. i will have to kill my dogs eventually, & then keep living
>>>> 61. i hate you, you know how to hurt me
>>>> 62. pow pow pow, all your teeth were directly shot out of your mouth
>>>> 63. i walk around with a dead weight inside, that feels like a shovel itching to dig his grave
>>>> 64. there was a primal scream, in the backyard of a unanderra housing commission estate
>>>> 65. poetry is for the middle class, as a little hobby on the side
>>>> 66. each time i eat out of control, i am losing sight of my dreams
>>>> 67. tyke, the circus elephant, finally leaves us to our own devices
>>>> 68. he tries to break away, but runs back home as soon as the storm is sailing the sky
>>>> 69. for the gutless men & little boys, hurt once & frightened of being hurt again
>>>> 70. my singing is like crying, my song is like shouting
>>>> 71. fished, looking back into the river
>>>> 72. i found my mattress & lay down on it, i think i stayed there another twelve hours
>>>> 73. i'm feeling disappointed, a little hurt inside
>>>> 74. melbourne is a mystical city, & i thought i was a mystic
>>>> 75. if someone commits enough murders, they will eventually be found out
>>>> 76. it was like expecting an american spellcheck on the computer to spell VEGAN, when it kept spelling VEGAS
>>>> 77. with each kilometre through the liquid, my ultimate sinking or flotation
>>>> 78. as your big ship of curses draws out from the quay
>>>> 79. the northern territory ginger cat was killed, otherwise it might have built a macdonalds on ayres rock
>>>> 80. he sees my white dress & knows that i am doing well, he sees my black dress & worries
>>>> 81. the short-lived peace that revenge brings, like bricks through plate glass windows
>>>> 82. another baby was bashed to death by its mother & father, so we can sleep easy in melbourne tonight
>>>> 83. falling through the safety nets, into more & more stars
>>>> 84. they play with my long hair, like pieces of rope on the deck of a ship
>>>> 85. as the monster gradually manifests, i describe it to my counsellor
>>>> 86. there are twenty-nine white rhino left in the world, looking out at the sunset
>>>> 87. an old candle was lit beneath the spoon, as the kitchen relaxed into its shelving & flickering
>>>> 88. the hysteria of birds killing birds is not pleasant
>>>> 89. when i said you were a fat-arsed slut, i was only being honest
>>>> 90. the way that the drunks in our lives cook the dinner, then smash us like plates
>>>> 91. when they dropped the farm gate on the baby, during an argument
>>>> 92. they have had champagne & cashews, whilst you've had tea & salted peanuts
>>>> 93. i am happy for the rats to be on me, together we have come out into the day
>>>> 94. i'm reading a dictionary of fear, from a hospital bedroom
>>>> 95. the accident at warwick farm, an inappropriate laughing experience
>>>> 96. her mouth was opened into a smile that shot the roof off the night sky
>>>> 97. the long-billed corellas that destroy the picnic tables of central victoria
>>>> 98. this is a heavy cloud over my thoughts, one day it will lift
>>>> 99. there are five wet rad pads, blowing in the wind
>>>> 100. get as much help here as you can, get it here as quick as you can


This website is part of my personal testimony that has been guided by The Holy Spirit and written in Jesus' name.

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