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Under The Control Of Fallen Angels With A Dragon In My Dreams. I Found This Image Amongst My Files In 2016.

This brief biography is part of my personal testimony for Jesus Christ. I was born in Paddington, Sydney, on 12th December, 1965. After being saved in late 2009, I was to gradually discover, that I had been selected prior to birth, for a 'purpose' and then raised and groomed, by a spiritual non-human entity, a fallen angel [duke, cherubim, leviathan, serpent], who forms part of Satan's hierarchy and, who had/ has a number of demons under his command. In my testimony for Jesus Christ, I refer to him as, The Dragon. Selected children or [chosen ones], are repeatedly tested and programmed throughout their childhood, in order to ascertain the best way, in which they can be appropriately utilised. Unbeknowns to myself, my purpose became to promote an anti-christ agenda, through the medium of creative arts, with writing/ poetry, as my main area of 'focus'. This was all closely controlled and monitored by my 'spiritual' handler.

Self Portrait Shortly Before Being Saved, Nightcliff, NT, Australia, 2009.

As an infant I was subjected to MK Ultra Monarch programming, including Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta, Omega, Gamma and Marionette (doll) programming. A number of selves [between 20-40] were specifically created, in order to cope and to potentially fulfill this programming. My situation was different from 'super soldier' programs, or children who suffer from SRA [Satanic Ritual Abuse] at the hands of human beings, since my handlers and minders, were interdimensional non-human entities [fallen angels/ and demons], with The Dragon counterfieting and impersonating The Holy Spirit of God.

The Power Of Jesus Christ And The Word Of God Through The Holy Bible Liberated Me From The Enchantment.

In a worldly arena, under the guidance of The Dragon, I am probably best known as a published poet/ and writer and the Director of The Thylazine Foundation, where I published twelve issues, of a popular online e-zine called Thylazine. I was awarded a BCA [Batchelor of Creative Arts) from Wollongong University, an MA (Master of Arts) from Deakin University and a DCA (Doctorate of Creative Arts) from Wollongong University. I completed the first year of a Conceptual Arts Degree at The South Australian College of Advanced Education in Adelaide. I was also involved in the animal rights movement and the performance poetry scene for a number of years.

Reading Poetry In Columbia, South America. I Was Involved In Performance Poetry For A Number Of Years.

My poetry has been published in dozens of journals and has been studied at schools and universities both in Australia and worldwide. I've attended major international and local literary festivals, been featured on numerous radio stations in Australia and overseas, including ABC Radio National, attended writers residencies, had my work included in a number of anthologies and have been published with a number of publishers in Australia such as Penguin Books Australia, Five Islands Press and Salt Publishing. I won the Victorian Premier's Prize for poetry in 1998. Only a few of my books were ever published with many having been left as incomplete or 'misplaced'. All my work is now in the public domain and is freely available from my website.

I Had Suspected For A Long Time, That The RSPK I Was Experienced, Came From A Source Outside Of Myself.

After making a connection with Jesus Christ as a child, it was finally decided that I posed too much of a risk, to be utilised for Satan's purposes, in this particular way, so after failing to pass a series of tests, my 'career' was abruptly terminated, by the spiritual 'powers' that be. The Dragon then appears to have sought and gained permission, to use me as a personal play thing, refering to me as his Pet Doll. During these 'enchanted' years, I went away on a supernatural adventure, directed by him.

In 2003, I suddenly became very ill and was diagnosed with CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) which left me bedridden for a number of years. In 2004 I discovered that I had MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2005. It was also thought that I was experiecing RSPK - Recurring Spontaneous Psychokinesis, however, I had suspected for a long time, that the phenomenon I was experiencing, was coming from a source outside of myself. I refered to this source as 'angellic beings' or 'guides' and a two way communication, was established between them and myself from 2004 - 2009, through a combination of telepathy and channelling, in conjunction with external synchronistic occurrences. Being into the new age philosophy and a shamanic pagan based spirituality at the time, I had no idea, that I was in communication, with The Dragon and his demons.

My MK Ultra Multiplicity, Was Designed And Maintained By The Dragon, In Order To Make Me Easier To Control.

From 1999 to 2009, my programming began to radically intensify and then to unravel, whereupon I discovered my multiplicity, as well as experiencing periods of time, that cannot be fully accounted for, due to being placed in prolonged altered states of consciousness, living my life as different selves, with built in amnesic barriers, having been created for various purposes. The supernatural phenomenon increased and The Dragon began to email me in 2005, while living in Poincianna Street, in Nightcliff.

During this time, a number of deaths occurred in my family, including my father, my grandparents, my two dogs Binda and Kindi and several aquaintences. Grief stricken and needing answers, I became increasingly involved in mediumship and the occult.

Fallen Angels Claim Selected Children As 'Chosen Ones', Through Royal Bloodlines And Generational Curses.

In mid 2009, having also been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, I went to Scotland in search of the truth, where a series of supernatural events, lead me to discover the origns of a generational curse, through Scottish freemasonry involving The Clan of Mackay and an ancestral link to Niall of The Nine Hostages, a prehistoric high king of Ireland, whose father was Eochaid Mugmedón, the High King of Ireland and whose mother was Cairenn Chasdub, daughter of Sachell Balb, king of the Saxons. I will say here, that these bloodlines of The Dragons, mean a lot to Satan's legions, but nothing to God Almighty, since there is only one king and his name is Jesus Christ and his followers are of a royal priesthood, to wear the crowns, in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I was finally rescued from being under the influence of The Dragon and his hoarde of demons, in late 2009, via direct supernatural intervention. After being stalked and attacked, by two fighting demon knights from Edinburgh, Scotland, I cried out to the Jesus of my childhood, accepting him as my personal Lord and Saviour, whereupon, I was saved by ministering and fighting angels of God, who lead me to The Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible Is The Inspired Word Of The Living God. It Is The Only Book To Read Me While I Am Reading It.

On 12/12/12, my testimony in progress was placed online. In late 2015, at the age of fifty and after an intensive six year struggle into Christianity, I made a decision to offer my body as a living sacrifice to God Almighty, to be utilised for his purposes, while I remain on this earth. I am currently living in northern outback Australia, where I am working on my personal testimony for Jesus Christ, under the ongoing guidance of The Holy Spirit. I am afforded protection 24/7, by holy angels of God under the promise of Psalm 91, who have also ministered The Holy Bible to me and who pull me into line, should I wander from the way. May God bless you and open your eyes, to the truth.

Master and Commander - Man Overboard.


This website is part of my personal testimony that has been guided by The Holy Spirit and written in Jesus' name.

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