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Together, we are a universe in progress. Apart, we are a universe in search of itself. The following is an interpretation of one aspect of our ghostly neighbours. In this case, I am looking at possible causes for the interaction between my mother, myself and The Hat Man and how we can improve upon this three way relationship.
The Dark Man, The Shadow Man or The Hat Man is part of our psychic reality and our physical reality. We are both animals existing within the one eco-system of consciousness, while we assume that physical reality is all there is and live in terror of any door being opened. Furthermore, we do not know how we appear to the phantasms that we believe are haunting us.

Perhaps to them, our world appears as surreal and semi-accessible. Also, some beings may position themselves to be discovered, in the same way that we position ourselves to discover them. And we desire engagement since we are already married.

The Psychology of The Observer

In order to understand the paranormal, writer and theorist Bruce Duensing notes that we must look at our own consciousness and our role as the observers, since we are the co-creators of both our collective psychic reality and our physical environment.

As a child, I did not have imaginary friends. I did not have the ability to create them or to make up stories. I processed my environment by making analogies between objects, finding patterns and then in applying meaning to those patterns. I was born with Autism. My awareness was dim, largely preconsciousness, connected to worlds beyond this one. While I failed to construct a basic story, I was channeling endless streams of consciousnesses that then developed into multiple centres of awareness.

As a child, I may have unconsciously created a thoughtform that gradually developed into the physical manifestation of The Hat Man. In which case there were a number of possible contributing factors. 1. I was afraid of my mother being harmed in her bedroom by my father. 2. My father was a homocide detective who wore a hat. 3. He mainly threatened my mother at night and 4. I often watched cartoons that featured male authority figures in hats - Homocide, Divsion 4, Dick Tracy, Lost In Space.

The hat wearing shadow man may have been incorporated into the human psyche to the extent where he was also being created and recreated in popular culture and visa versa. Culture shapes consciousness just as consciousnss shapes culture. This picture below is of a Hat Man who appeared on Lost In Space. In this episode, several Hat Men hovered over the sleeping members of the Jupiter 2 crew, before 'abducting' and 'dismantling' The Robot and causing poltergiest like interference to the space ship's electrical appliances. As writer Bruce Duensing has often speculated, perhaps Shadow People and other phenomenon we experience are here to dismantle our sense of reality. They do this in the same way that they dismantled The Robot.

My mother and I are the only family members to physically experience The Dark Man. From a psychological perspective we also have several things in common. 1. We would be considered dissociative, prone to trance states and self hypnosis. 2. We are both on the autism spectrum. 3. In being women, we were more likely to be harmed by my father, a violent alcoholic and a misogynist. 4. We share an Anglican based upbringing that promotes duality and thus runs the risk of the suppression of the darker aspects of the psyche from awareness. 5. As adults we both chose to be with men that reflected our own suppressed psyches back to ourselves in the attraction of opposites and 6. We are the only two family members experience ongoing poltergiest phenomenon - apports, faeries lost and found, light globes exploding, lamps strobing and turning up and down and ongoing synchronicities.

What we do not have in common, is that my mother is disinterested and often disbelieving of the phenomenon, whereas I am not. Incidentally, my Christian grandmother who had Asperger Syndrome did not experience any phenomenon. Therefore while some psychology is important and analogies easily made, it would still appear to leave most questions regarding the deeper psyche unanswered.

Why Does The Shadow Man Wear A Hat?
Does The Shadow Man come from our psychology or does our psychology make us receptive to these visitations? Does he manifest as a genie, or is he a spirit of his own making? It got to the stage where we may have become locked in a mobius strip of interaction, where we each create each other. If The Shadow Man existed, then my mother and my reaction and the fact that we named him, and/ or may have had certain conscious or unconscious expectations, may have then fueled him, propelled him forwards into an autonomous existence, with my mother and I as co-creators. And what if he has also created us?
Where does our consciousness come from? Were we created? Or did we simply come into existence and develop through our environments and others responses to us. In this case I am suggesting that we are all developing in a similar way via a direct and indirect interaction of consciousness. The development of consciousness is just as much about 'relationship and interaction and awareness' as it is about creator and creation. These are only a few examples of obvious representations of Shadow People that have seen featured on Wikipedia and as represented in popular culture.

The Shadow Man manifests autonomously, while also being a part of our collective psyche. I believe that consciousness is existence and the physical environment is a secondary manifestation of conscious existence or a conscious universe in progress.

The hat feature is a curious one, but the fact is, that many shadow beings do not wear hats. Over the years they have been seen in many shapes, sizes and forms by many people. Only some of these shadow beings wear hats, in the same way that some of them have been reported to have large red glowing eyes and some of them to drive old fashioned cars and some to wear black capes. If you will notice in the picture I first drew, The Shadow Man had no feet or hands. I was to do many other self portraits of beings lacking feet and hands suggesting that The Hatman, as well as being physical, was indeed connected to my own psychic processes in some way.

The Hypnotic Attraction Of Opposites

The Phantom of the Opera is the longest running play in history of London's West End. This story amongst other things, explores the relationship of opposites between the light angel and the night angel. Both are otherworldly daimons, existing outside the consensus. The Phantom is both an aspect of Christine Dae's consciousness as well as existing in his own right. He is inside her. But, ... she is also inside him.

Christine and Erik are a reflection of each other. Until the balance of opposites is resolved, they will exist as the ghosts of each other. The attraction between opposites occurs, because all opposites need to be held in balance via a process of ongoing reconciliation. This may be as fragile as the relationship between the moon, the sun and the earth, a finely balanced interplay of consciousness, with neither dominating, possessing or destroying the other. Until this occurs, these dynamic opposites will be irresistably drawn into each other's orbits of awareness, where the love relationship becomes a spiritual reconciliation process, a reuniting of the soul.

What Does The Hat Man Want?

The shadow people approach us and some of us go in search of them, often via dysfunctional day to day relationships, or as in so called ghost hunting. Meanwhile we are approached, shyly and from the edges of our lives and our consciousness, and sometimes more aggressively, via spirit possession. Many of the behaviours of shadow people seem repetitive and somehow non-complex. Shadow people may tug at bed sheets, but they do not take their place at the dinner table. Othertimes people have seen shadow people at play, in wild abandon out on some night field, where they comingle and interact amongst each other as independant from us.

Shadow people cross hallways (cross boundaries), enter our houses (enter our psyches), tug at the bed clothes (tug at awareness), appear at our bedsides (when we are more receptive to their presences). Perhaps in having been banned from our psyche by religious dualism, they now desire to reconnect with whatever energies they can muster and in whatever form they can assume. These shadows are the waves that lap against the shorelines of consciousness, are now as much a part of the physical environment as we are. Therefore the primary purpose of The Hat Man seems to be for him to remind us of his existence. So consider yourself reminded!

The Divine Reunion: Embracing The Shadow

I recently asked a 'Christian' why he saw all ghosts as evil and if there might be any chance of reconciliation. He replied, "... but what if you had to choose?" meaning between SATAN and CHRIST. My answer was that I would choose LOVE. Choosing between the light and the dark is akin to choosing between the night and the day. How can one exist without the other? There is no choice when it comes to opposites. LOVE (GOD) IS THE CHOICE. All reconciliation is a divine reunion in the mind of God.
In Part One I wrote that I did not know what it felt like to be The Shadow Man. But perhaps I need to know. Perhaps I need to embrace him in awareness, empathy and love. This will bridge the chasm of fear that currently exists between us. In suggesting this interaction, I do not mean to possess him or to allow him to possess me. Instead I seek to understand consciousness in its many forms, and acknowledge that in the broader scheme of things we are journeying together. We are all knowledge at all times, that is our essential nature and our greatest development occurs through fearless love and the eternity of love that illuminates the universal void.
There was an intense moment involving 'Shadows' while I lived at Giuseppe Court in 2005. I awoke in the morning completely alone not long after my two dogs had died. In the air above me I clearly heard what appeared to be breathing. It was distinct like someone taking in a deep breath and then breathing out very loudly. This went on for what appeared to be several minutes. I was still in shock over my dogs. There was no fear in me to feed this situation. I remember saying The Lord's Prayer and telling them I felt nothing but love for them. Now that my dogs were dead there was nothing more that could be taken away from me. I told them if they were responsible in any way that they were forgiven. The 'threatening' energies gently disappated.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. God is love and love is the fuel that propells us into existence. Thus the age of division, separatism and isolation is well and truly over. It has not worked. It has almost destroyed the planet and for all we know the planet Earth may be the primary nursery of our physical manifestation.

The Ongoing Evolution of Consciousness

The age of reconciliation, connection, incorporation of all consciousness has begun. Now we will embrace each other. All the animals we have murdered will now be nurtured. All the ghosts we have chased will now be respected. All our enemies will be forgiven. All our shadows brought into awareness and our worst nightmares experienced and overcome. The war of opposites is over. The hunting parties will put down their guns and their EM Detectors. The supernatural is a natural part of our evolutionary process whereby all exist and evolve. Anything outside our worldview will be embraced. The journey involves us travelling together, acknowledging our differences and similarities and welcoming all who exist into our loving journeying.

We are the weavers of many realities. We are each co-creators, born from the myriad consciousnesses of GOD. It is crucial at this time, to discipline our thoughts and to live in love. For consciousness to evolve it will be reunited, ressurected, in awareness and as unconditional love. We can embrace fear as an aspect of this process. Be afraid often and be aware of the fear within, but act on LOVE. Thus does this endless wave of creative transformation, break upon the shorelines of eternity.

UPDATE: This article was written under demonic influence and the ongoing 'guidance' of The Dragon [fallen angel/ cherubim]. The so called 'shadow man', is one of his demonic minders [higher level shape shifting demon], that worked with him, under his authority. I could not have been any more deceived than I was, at the time of writing the above words. It actually sickens me to read them, knowing what I do today. I have now renounced all involvment with the demonic, new age, meditation, hypnosis, yoga, occult, spiritism, trance, psychic mediumship, shamanism and any altered states of consciousness, that only serve to weaken the spirit and leave one's mind open to demonic influence. I will end this article with a Gary Numan song, that I see as an accurate expression of the spirit realm and the shadowy fog type demons who exist there. Demons desire the complete destruction of human beings in Hell.

Walking With Shadows - Gary Numan

This website is part of my personal testimony that has been guided by The Holy Spirit and written in Jesus' name.

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