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The Others (2001)

PREFACE: This article was written while I was involved in the new age and under the influence of the demonic. The Satanic agenda in regards to the contents of this article is the desire for demons to FUSE with us. This is little more than a ploy to steal [possess] and destroy [murder] the spirit of the human being, who is deceived into participating in this charade. This is for the sole purpose of driving the victim away from Jesus Christ and The Holy Bible in order that the human cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Also the demon who stalked me described me as a 'trophy' and a 'conquest.' We are at war, and so it hardly suprising that these terms are used. Like many other unsaved writers and artists, I was being deceived and utilised by the adversary in order to promote a Luciferian agenda. In my case it was the fusion or the 'coming together' of the darkness and the light. Human beings are not equip to fight demons on their own, and nor do they have authority to do so, since the only authority to defeat the devils in our lives comes from Jesus Christ. My eyes are now wide open. I thank God Almighty for the gifts of knowledge and discernment. While there is some truth to this article, the reader will need to exercise discernment.

A Meeting of Minds

The relationship that exists between a haunted house and its occupants is like two circles colliding. Each circle is a myriad of conscious interaction that consitutes its own form of a created reality. Haunted landscapes and UFO 'hot-spots' may be where these highways of consciousness intercept and perhaps for a period of time interlock. Experiencing paranormal phenomena may be a meeting of minds where each interacts with the other, and so may be recognised or interpreted by the other.

Both the haunted terrain and the walker in the terrain bring each other into being by mutual recognition and interaction. Therefore the walker becomes the haunted terrain as the haunted terrain begins to walk. Each reality validates the other and each may interpret, absorb and possess the other for the duration of the haunting.

A haunting experience is essentially about exploration of consciousness and this is achieved through the interaction of the observer with the environment that may observe us in return. These are consciousness enriched landscapes where we become both the observer and the observed. With doorways unlocked and gates flung open we merge, into what could be the beginnings of an ongoing boundaryless interaction.

The nature of physical reality often becomes questionable as time shifts occur and we experience things such as apports, teleports, the multplication of food or the passing of objects through metal and wood. What we assumed to be steadfast physical reality becomes an intangible process of dreaming. Rather than ending a story with, "I woke up only to find that it had all been a really bad dream.", we might say, "I began to dream only to find that it had all been a really limited reality."

It is natural for consciousness to cling to the physical world but materialism is meant to express our growth not limit it, since the physical world is also limitless. Only by our desire to possess and control it, do we place ourselves in these binary orbits of limitation. The paranormal is normal. It is only relegated to fringe subject matter because our idea of reality collapses under such situations and so the haunted landscapes are treated to a dose of human fear followed by an attempt to control.

The Shining (1980)

So what are these landscapes we enter when we collide with the ghostly beings? Bruce Duensing writes of his experience with a ghost while on a highway, where an interaction between the two takes place as though ghost were physically manifest. There follows a brief conversation where the ghost gives advice on hitchhiking.

"I spun around to take another look to determine if I had walked far enough. He had vanished. There was nowhere he could have hid even if he was odd enough to have done so for no reason. I stood alongside the interstate for quite a while and attempted to process what had occurred. [From: INTANGIBLE MATERIALITY A PARAPSYCHOLOGICAL JOURNEY TOWARD INTERSPECIES COMMUNICATION]

Interestingly, Duensing is focused on the relationship that occurs between the ghostly being and himself, rather than the thrill of 'seeing a ghost', this bringing to mind that relationship involves empathetic interaction and not cheap entertainment. The processing that takes place after such encounters is common as our interpreting minds attempt to catalogue an experience into a filing cabinet that contains no files. When one interacts with a ghost they collide with the reality of another being.

The Shining (1980)

This interaction is clearly evident in movies such as The Shining and Poltergiest where the families are being slowly influenced by and absorbed into another reality, that exists seperate to but similtaneously alongside their own. It perhaps takes a strong mind to avoid possession or even psychosis and to remain both selfless and aware under those circumstances and to witness without ego fear or judgement.

In order to experience the haunted landscape you must become it and unbecome it simultaneously, so that a flow of conscious energy is continually evolving. All worlds are haunted. All consciousness is ghostly. The worlds are made up of consciousness.

Hauntings involve a collapsing of boundaries and limitations. Only the skeptical mind rebuilds the structures and then forgets what lies beyond them, or even that they have built them, then denies all possibilities beyond what they have built. But these are fragile sand castles erected on the sea's great edge and the ocean is coming.

Who's reality do we exist in when come across a ghostly being? As they are the ghosts of our worlds, perhaps we are the ghosts the theirs, something intangible yet vaguely recognised that they too reach out to, only to find that their hands and their thoughts pass through us unrecognised and unacknowledged. Do we walk through the walls of their worlds on occasion? Are the physical environments we occupy simply 'haunted' landscapes for them? The living consciousnesses of the disembodied may strive to find the mind who can perceive them and translate them into our world through a physical medium. But are the embodied the disempowered elsewhere?

If we are to understand and develop relationships with ghostly beings, it will be within our own thought processes and not in the light of a ghost hunter's torch. We are our thoughts and when we connect and become entangled is not where our bodies end, but where our minds begin to meet and journey together. If the physical world is thought into existence, then it is very likely as limitless as the mind that imagines it. What we choose to label as realities are merely stones in a stream, a series of reference points in universes of conscious development and interaction.

The way to investigate a poltergiest is to understand the consciousnesses involved in the collision of worlds and the collapse of boundaries. What were they thinking? What state of mind are they in? How do they contribute or connect to the phenomenon? I believe that there are a multitude of consciousnesses involved in poltergiest or haunting or UFO experiences, which in their own way are simply another kind of haunting. Phenomenon is catalogued by human organisations but in the intangible realm it remains interconnected. The only given is interaction.

Therefore a haunting is merely another reality that we experience, while the circumstances are favourable to such interactions. This is likely to involve the meeting of minds rather than the need to capture, record or prove. The ghostly consciousness may be tuned into our environment as in the movie The Others.

These so-called 'others' may very well experience us as ghostly. Rather than two passing ships in the night, we become two colliding circles of reality imbued with multitude of consciousness. We are overlapping points collision in a mind created world, that feels as if it exists all around us but is only just out of our awareness.

When one enters the environment of a haunted house or landscape, one enters the consciousness of it as it enters us. Haunted people and haunted landscapes are the one being. Your mind is a landscape, just as the landscape is your mind. It is all consciousness colliding and interacting, and in the case of many of us, an attempt to physically manifest or unmanifest. In the same way that the many selves of a multiple personality strive for co-conscious existences, so may we need to become co-conscious, in order interact with and understand the worlds of ghostly beings. While each reality may involve its own rules and have its own ways of becoming and being, this video film clip (Take Me On by Aha) relies on frames and the interaction between a comic book character and a young woman in a diner to show that LOVE allows us to traverse the boundaries of the worlds that exist parallel to our own.

Take Me On - Aha

UPDATE: This article was written under the demonic influence of The Dragon [a fallen angel/ cherubim], and having been indoctrinated by Satan's so called 'new age' and promotes the idea of 'fusion', or co-mingling, between demonic spirits and human beings. Many video clips, that accompany popular music, unashamedly promote intimate interaction between humans and interdimensional beings (demons), with the idea that we create our own reality as 'little gods'. This is a deception by the prince of lies and his demon legions. It is dangerous for people to attempt to access parallel worlds and this is why God forbids it, through the words of The Holy Bible.


This website is part of my personal testimony that has been guided by The Holy Spirit and written in Jesus' name.

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