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Dramatised Artwork For The Dyatlov Movie, Depicting Fallen Angel In Orb Form, That They Knew Were Involved.


I will write briefly, about some of the observations made, by Valentin Yakimenko, who was a fellow student to the Dyatlov group and a member of the rescue team. Yakimenko makes some interesting observations, in regards to what the members were photographing, moments before they were forced to flee the tent, on the night of February 1st, 1959. These photographs are a clear indication, of fallen angel/ higher level demonic involvement, several of which, appear to capture, a partial physical manifestation, of a higher level, shape shifting demon. Here, I will quote Valentin Yakimenko, as well as including my own observations of the photos, in order to add further evidence, to the case that I have presented, in my series of articles.

Analysis Of The Dyatlov Group Camera Films

Valentin Yakimenko theorises on what might have happened, just moments before the Dyatlov group, fled from the tent. He states the following reason as the purpose for his article; "While working on an article I remembered the talk of search engines in 1959, got the last four [of the Dyatlov group members out] of the ravine May 4, 1959, that the body Zolotarev [Semyon Zolotaryov], had a camera. That's the moment I was interested. If so, then surely it Zolotarev himself photographed the glowing objects and can get new information about the beginning of the tragedy."

Yakimenko describes his article as, "dedicated to the search for the film from the camera Zolotarev, the analysis of the film and other films [of the Dyatlov group]."

Zolotaryov's Camera and/ or Camera Case

A photograph of the body of Semyon Zolotaryov, shorly after being found, with a camera around his neck. He was also found holding a pen in one hand and a small notepad in the other, but died/ was murdered, before he could write anything down.

The above is a close-up phoptograph, of what appears to be the camera/ or camera case, affected by water, that was found around hiker, Semyon Zolotaryov's neck.

As in my own article, titled, 'Dyatlov Pass [2]: Fleeing The Tent', Valentin Yakimenko puts forward the idea, that group members Semyon Zolotaryov and Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolles, were already outside of the tent and that they were both involved, in taking a series of photographs, of the night sky, shortly before something terrifying and catastrophic occurred. Yakimenko writes, "It might be that these 9 frames are available somewhere in the archives, to which we have no access to. There was nothing really significant on these frames. Just some tiny dots and spots on dark background. However, Zolotarev kept taking pictures of the dark sky, as if there was something interesting for him there." Let's take a look at a few of the 'objects', that group member, Semyon Zolotaryov, was photographing and why Russian military and government officials, were determined to conceal this, from the public's knowledge.

Semyon Zolotaryov And The Night Sky

Yakimenko writes the following, in regards to the film inside the camera, that was found around Semyon Zolotarev's neck. "... Thus, the camera is, and what is the fate of the film? The probability of its preservation was quite small, because the camera spent three months in the snow. The emulsion may swell and become damaged, when removing any film from the camera, or during processing ... Please note: there was one among the segments with a scrawled "Zolotarev" inscription. ... This scrap of interested us in the first place, because, the investigators got cameras and film in February 1959, has not been identified, inscription "Zolotarev," talked about the increased attention to this film by the investigation." Yakimenko then goes on to say, that he believes that the " ... Missing 9 frames [are not] available. It is reasonably possible to assume that they are in a different place, out of reach for us ..." From the photos that were discovered, Yakimenko concludes, "...for some reason, Zolotarev photographed, frame by frame, the evening sky, then something of interest to him, for some unusual celestial phenomenon was nevertheless ... It is very likely that he [Tibo] and Zolotarev, photographed the luminous objects. And the missing 12 frames captured information is very important for the investigation and for unwanted outsiders." These are some of the photos that were allegedly taken by Semyon Zolotaryov, with Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolles, while outside of the tent:

The Dyatlov Group Psychic Photography 1 - Object Manifestation

This first photo shows the fallen angels [in orb form], manifesting in our dimension, as a series of bright luminous objects, in the night sky, that people believe are UFOs. Why would Semyon Zolotaryov, be standing outside, in a blizzard, on the side of a mountain, at minus 26 degrees C, unless something very unusual had captivated him.

Maifestation that Yakimenko describes as resembling "the structure of woven mesh."

Yakimenko describes some of the photos as having "A small, but very bright object", or being "A bright little dot", which is typical of fallen angels and/ or higher level demons, mainfesting in orb form, that people mistakenly refer to as aliens/ or UFOs.

[Above] A fallen angel or higher level demon, manifesting [shape shifting], in the night sky, as can be seen on many films and/ or photos of so called 'UFOs'. I have included this photo so that the reader can make a comparison with it and what some of the Dyatlov group members were photographing, on the night of their deaths.

This was refered to as a 'Ebani jellyfish UFO' and is an image, said to be taken by a NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA] lunar orbiter in 1966.

Manifestation No.2, that was described as resembling "the structure of woven mesh."

This Zolotarev film segment ends with the photo above, that looks like a higher level demon, in the form of a mushroom shape with a face, attempting to physically manifest. If you look at the Dyatlov group's regular photos, you will clearly see the difference, between the standard daylight tourist photographs and these series of nightime photographs, that would obviously be considered, as 'paranormal' in nature.

The Dyatlov Group Psychic Photography 2 - Krivonischenko and Slobodin Shots

Valentin Yakimenko has access to a photo, indicating that [at least] four members, were outside of the tent, viewing the phenomenon, in the form, of a large, bright, white light. He then goes on to write, that he believes that, "part of dyatlovtsev with cameras appeared later. after they were called. Thirdly, it looks clear continuation of unusual celestial phenomenon, its development." He then adds; "Zolotarev and Thibault, of course, called his comrades to see unusual celestial phenomenon. This is evidenced by the "Photo 1a", which can be seen the tops of heads 3 dyatlovtsev."

Tops Of Heads Of 3 Members "Photo 1a":

Yakimenko speculates that the photo [above], shows a very large and intensely bright object, before the heads of three of the group members. Considering that the only obvious landmarks, on the slope of Mount Kholat Syakhl that night, where the tourists and the tent, this may very well be feasible explaination, in regards to this photo.

Yakimenko states that, "My arguments were based on the testimony of Captain Chernyshov, prospecting party in February 1959, as well as tents and protocol inspection protocols inspection bodies. My arguments were confirmed at "Picture 1" frame analysis, namely: during further processing of the scan frame, emerged the top three goals against the backdrop of the sky highlights - three dyatlovtsev."

Valentin Yakimenko also mentions that, "some sort of glowing object", was captured on the films of Krivonishenko’s and Rustem Slobodin, but that many shots of this nature were missing, having obviously been [taken and concealed by Russian authorities, government and military] as part of the general cover up. Here is the photograph of the 'glowing object', that was reportedly on Rustem Slobodin's film.

Rustem Slobodina "Photo 2":

Also pictured below, is the photograph of the 'glowing object', that was reportedly captured on Yuri Krivonischenko's film, being that last photo, to be taken by him. A friend of Russian journalist and author of a book on Dyatlov Pass incident titled; Don't Go There, Svetlana Oss, whose father was a "photography enthusiast" , gave an opinion, on the photo taken by Yuri Krivonischenko, writing that, "Actually I also think that the frame is real and not taken by accident. The picture shows a quickly guessed trajectory of a glowing object, which leaves behind a luminous trail."

Yuri Krivonischenko "Picture 1":

Yakimenko speculates that, "At least two (Yuri Krivonischenko and Rustem Slobodin), photographed the last moment of this phenomenon. It is the latter, because of their cameras were still free shots, but they do not have time to new snnmki? - luminous object disappeared just around the corner." He goes on to write that, "In [my] article [published in] (Ural pathfinder ", January 2013), I wrote that Zolotarev and Thibault, who were outside the tent, at the time of occurrence of unusual celestial phenomena, ... called comrades watch it. Two, Krivonischenko [and] Slobodin and photographed this phenomenon. After that, all but Thibault and Zolotarev ... went back to the tent." The fallen angels/ and or higher level demons may have very well done their disappearing act, so that the two hikers Yuri Krivonischenko and Rustem Slobodin, retreated back into the tent, out of the extreme cold, to undress, in preparation for sleep. The fallen angels did not want four of the group members, to still be fully dressed and wearing shoes, when they escaped down the mountain.

Through taking a series of photos using similar equipment, Valentin Yakimenko, estimates that the maximum time observation of celestial phenomena: is 1 minute 36 seconds. In fact, the event could last a little longer, because Zolotarev could end in the film before the celestial event ended. But in any case, the last seconds of the celestial phenomenon we know, they are depicted in films Krivonischenko "Picture 1" and Slobodina "Photo 2". I showed the article (L-1), that after observing celestial phenomena, dyatlovtsy returned to the tent (hence their cameras were in the tent). Returned, but not all, Thibault and Zolotarev remained on the "street"."

In her book; Don't Go There, Russian journalist, Svetlana Oss, supports Yakimenko's theory, "The group was leaving the tent in great haste, so why one would bother to take his camera along? Most likely [Semyon] Zolotarev, was not inside the tent at the moment. Unlike the rest of the group, his and Tibo’s [Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolles] bodies were found in May, pretty much dressed. It is also logical to assume, that at the moment of danger, they both started their retreat immediately, from the spot where they were at and had no time, to go to the tent. The two separate pairs of footprints which joined the others, further on the slope, support this assumption."

The Dyatlov Group Psychic Photography 3 - Bright Light Orb

Valentin Yakimenko writes about some more images, that he found on the camera films of the 4 hikers, "Weed out the garbage (microdebris) adhering to the film, and scratches on the film, it is not very difficult - they have a shape different from the identified objects ... It is taken into account, only what is repeated or has been like in the next frame. And the best proof of the fact, discovered objects was a repeat them at different intervals, thus photographed by different cameras. The concrete and the most significant, on the segments Dyatlovsky films: Seen on the segments of films, for a better understanding of the development process, are distributed in several groups of objects in the image. The first group - the luminous point, gradually increase in size from 3 to 16 units in diameter and become the last frame is almost 2 times more than our familiar moon disk. These 2 last frame (on the segments E1 and A2) are particularly interesting (Photos 8 and 9, respectively)."

Photo 8:

Photo 8 (Segment E1) This looks like a fallen angel/ or higher level demon [in light orb form], against the open end of a dead tree trunk, or what Valentin Yakimenko refers to as "a bright luminous spot visible design". But the group was above the treeline that night before fleeing the tent. So was this photo taken by Semyon Zolotaryov, once the group arrived at the treeline, after fleeing the tent? Somehow, I don't think so, since the primary concern by that stage, would have been for the survival of himself and others in the group. Also, 'the tree top' is floating, not connected to anything. Therefore, this appears to be a partially physical, demonic manifestation, of the "mesh" like substance, that is evident in some of the photos.

Photo 9:

Photo 9 (A2 segment, background brighten). In this photo it looks as if the light orb entity, is moving through the solid jagged ends of a dead tree, or the "mesh" like substance refered to by Valentin Yakimenko, that spiritists refer to as ectoplasm.

[Above] An artist's version of a 'spirit' called a 'will-o-the-wisp", which is a higher level [territorial] demonic spirit/ or a fallen angel, manifesting in light orb form, where it can shift its shape, suddenly vanishing, reappearing, blinking on an off, or flying away at odd angles at very high speeds. "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." [2 Corinthians 11:14, The Holy Bible, KJV]


This website is part of my personal testimony and has been guided by The Holy Spirit and written in Jesus' name.

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