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The Dragon Was My Personal Guide, As I Entered Several Of The Worlds Great Art Galleries.

Galleries Of The Hybrids

All artists are channelers and therefore, they are extremely open and susceptible to demonic infiltration and influence. Nearly all work outside of The Holy Bible has been written by and for fallen angels and demons. It has been designed to lead us away from God through humanism, romanticism, naturalism, mysticism and various mythologies, insistng on a sympathy with and towards demons and fallen angels, often in their physical forms, or through their chosen bloodlines of the established royal families and religions of the time. Aside from that, it's purpose is to lead us away from a sound mind, that God afforded us and into the vanities and distractions of an open-minded human, infiltrated by demonic forces, undermined and enhanced by demonic influences and disguised as a growing knowledge and awareness, through the revolving kaleidoscope that we call art. Unless the artist embraces Christ, they will never come to the truth. Their art may develop, but it will not near completion.

No amount of human effort through creative arts, brings us to the truth, because it is demonically assisted and directed, from conception through to promotion. It is all designed to lead us away from the truth and there is no exception to this rule. So it comes as no suprise, to see that The Dragon led me away from truth, by leading me into the major galleries of London, Paris and Edinburgh, during what appeared to be the final stages of our courtship, where he became intent upon revealing himself, through 'great art'. But it was is here, that the deception would be at its greatest.

The Dragon had used a combination of synchronicity and telepathy, in order to communicate with me from 2005-2009. But it wasn't until I was about to leave Australia in mid 2009, that he gave me a ring [that materialised in my kitchen] at Progress Drive, straight after having someone drive a car past me with the word [CELTIC] on their personalised numberplate. This supernatural courtship continued, as I made my way to London, Paris and finally to Edinburgh, in order to look for answers, in regards to the supernatural occurrences in my life. At the time I was led to these works of art, I had no idea of what was going on. It only appeared that I had a curiosity, or vague interest in their subject matter, as if there was to be some answer to be discovered from viewing them. It was a highly addictive process. The more I saw the more I wanted to see, since the images had a promise to them, that never really led to anything. Here I will describe some of these artworks in hindsight.

I do not know the title of the artworks or the artists who created them. I will be looking at the content as a process of indoctrination, from a spiritual perspective.

A hybrid [demon] and a cherubim [fallen angel], about to take advantage of a sleeping woman. Sleep is an altered state of consciousness, rendering the woman more vulnerable to intrusion from demonic forces, a theme that is so often celebrated in 'great' art. Fallen angels and their hybrid offspring work together.

A hybrid [demon], in physical form, abducts a human woman.

The Lovers. The Dragon showed me this artwork, to remind me of a poem that I had written, under his guidance, about him and myself in a passionate love relationship.

The poem was titled; 'The Drowned Whore' from the book Holy City. These were the lines, that he now wanted reinforced through this artwork: "The angel took my heart and lifted it up through/ my throat to heaven. I cried like pigeons, softly./ My mouth on his nipple, now motherless./ It was the mouth of the wind that rested there."

Two men, including an Adonius type figure, about to bury the body of a dead woman. The theme of physical human death and passionate love are repesented together.

Again, an Adonis type figure appears to be about to christen a sleeping woman, with a wreath or halo, so that she becomes a worshipper of the God Helios = the sun god. The woman must be in an altered mindstate, to receive this counterfiet christening.

Demonic entities [represented in human form] lifting a woman, who is in an altered state of consciousness, off the ground. In reality, these would be orbs involved in an abduction of the woman's spirit/ or consciousness, into an 'out of body' experience.

A hybrid [demon], in physical form, about to take advantage of a sleeping woman.

A myriad of hybrids [demons], in physical form, about to take advantage of a human woman, through a combination of deception and seduction via muse-ic and earthly 'delights'. It is here, that The Dragon had me searching for answers that I would never find. Studying artwork of this nature, simply had the affect of drawing me further and further into a fantasy world of vain imaginings, constructed by them and brought into existence via their creative human conduits, whom the world refers to as 'Great Artists' or 'Great Masters', when, in fact, it is the artists who are mastered.

The Dragon used the image of this man with the curly hair, that I later learnt was Apollo [Apollyon], to reveal himself to me. He then placed me in the position of whom I later learnt was the Greek goddess Diana. He assisted me in collecting the appropriate images and then had me place them together on my laptop, in order to communicate with me. At the time, it simply felt like I was collecting images, that I was most the 'attracted' to, but I never failed to feel his presence of mind behind this process, that was really a form of mediumship. The Dragon enforced this fantasy, that he was having about us as a couple, in a relentless assault, over my own thinking processes. Rather than manifest physically, beyond his flashes of light and electricity, he used created forms or 'graven images' to achieve this purpose.

The golden carved ceilings of the Louvre Gallery in Paris were heavily illustrated with the lives and histories of hybrids, in physical form, interacting with human beings.

Cupid and Psyche. A [fallen] angel, in a position of power, seduces a human woman.

The relationship between an interdimensional spiritual being, who is thousands of years old and a human woman, can hardly be considered one of fairness and equality.

The Dragon led me to the above images. Once I had been captivated by them, he enforced his more powerful will over my own, so that I felt that we were just like the figures in the artwork. They were nearly always of angels [fallen angels], in love with human women, or of naked women, in scenarios involving fairy perving, influence and abduction. Often the woman would be in an altered state of consciousness, either drowsy, asleep, in love or dead. I was open and susceptible to whatever The Dragon wanted me to take in. There was an atmosphere created around me, that other people would occasionally pick up on, so that I was encapsulated, or cocooned by his presence. We were entirely fixated upon each other, but for entirely different reasons. Mine was the emotional response and the curiosity of a human woman, with a multiplicity of consciousness, in a physical body, just over four decades old, under mesmerism. His was a reptilian spiritual being, thousands of years old, who had known God. It was more like a predator prey relationship, than a love match made in heaven. It was about deception, distraction and seduction. The Dragon was later judged by my Father, as being the equivalent of a child molestor. I was told by holy angels of God, that my punishment would have been alot worse, had I known what I was doing. At the time, I had no idea why any of this would be seen as being wrong.

The Dragon Was Later Judged By My Father, As Being The Equivalent Of A Child Molester.

Julee Cruise - FALLING (w/ lyrics).

This website is part of my personal testimony that has been guided by The Holy Spirit and written in Jesus' name.

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